Ever have a dream of owning a business, and then realized the dream kept getting bigger.  Well,  Micah Logan experienced that.  He became a personal trainer, then opened his own grym.  He wanted to create something that stood out from the everyday gyms we all know where you come in, work out and leave- most often without talking to anyone or even saying hello to anyone. Micah created Next Level Fitness and Wellness.  It’s a community-based model for a gym (you’ll want to hear how he talks about this) and I caught this interview with him right as he was starting the process of becoming a franchise business. There are currently 2 locations. 

In addition to working hard and creating his own dream business, his other passion in life is helping others get their dream business started. He likes to help those who struggle with what to do or belief that the idea could become something. He instills confidence and the know-how of what to do to help motivate his business coaching clients to succeed. 

Micah is energetic, passionate and humble. You can tell he cares deeply about what he is doing and the value he is bringing to the communities his business and those of his coaching clients bring. 

He was rasied by hard-working parents and followed their  model of beliving that if you work hard, it will payoff.  It certainly seems like he is mastering that! 

I hope you love this interview!


You can listen to Micah on his Common Cents Podcast for business advice from 2 guys living it!

You can follow the journey of Next Level Fitness & Wellness at NLFHealth.com and check out what he has to offer as a business coach at Micah-Logan.com.


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