We all know we will lose people we love during our lifetime, but there is a special kind of pain when you lose a child. Shelly Buck’s son, Ryder, got diagnosed with cancer when he was 22. He recovered quickly from that, only to be killed in a roadside accident some months later. Shelly talks about surviving the unthinkable loss of a child, while still being Mom to her other kids and about how the family survives. Shelly wrote a book about her experience with her best friend, Kathy Curtis, who happens to be a grief coach. The book is Leave Your Light On: The Story of An Illuminating Spirit. Join us to hear her story and ways people cope through grief. The timing of this episode was that it was recorded just 2 days after losing one of my brothers to cancer. I think just going ahead and keeping the recording appointment was helpful to me in my own grieving process.  Please take a listen. 

The book combines the reflections of Shelly Buck, along with entries from Ryder’s own journal and commentary from his friends. Ryder was a talented and creative young man, who was only moments into adulthood when his life was taken. You can find the book, as you can with all the authors who have appeared on the Coaching Through Chaos Podcast, on the CTC Bookshelf

If you’d like to work with Kathy Curtis for some assistance through your grieving process, you can find her at: Kathy Curtis Ink


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