Todd Tresidder was a hedge fund manager who wasn’t satisfied making the rich richer, while those who didnt have financial know-how tended to stay in the dark about it.  Todd had set himself up financially for retirement at 35 and wanted to teach others how they too could find their way to financial independence and security.  That led to Todd creating the educational platform 

Part of Financial Mentor’s mission is to educate the masses in a place that is separate from the people actually selling you the products. This site is there, solely to educate people, and a lot of education on there is FREE!  I downloaded his post – How Anyone Can Retire in 10 Years – which led me to access to a page of about 4 other audio courses I can listen to for Free. I can’t wait to dive into his content and start applying it to my retirement plan! 

In this episode, Todd and I discuss (among other things):

  1. Is there a magic number someone needs to retire?
  2. What are the 5 questions someone should ask themselves in order to plan for retirement?
  3. How Todd shifted his career to educate others with what he knew.
  4. What’s wrong with the traditional model of retirement planning? 
  5. Some “Uncommon Financial Planning” to help a person get to retirement more quickly and with less stress. 

Please check out Todd’s website – Let me know which article was most helpful to you! 



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