You want a Roy Lichtenstein-style paining on your wall? Talk to Jodie. You want a beautiful mid-century modern table for your living room? Talk to Jodie. You want the easiest and more sure-fire way to get your art pieces hung on your wall? For that , you also need to talk to Jodie.

Jodie Royak of @RoyakStudio is an artistic craftsman who not only is living his dream as a full-time artist, but is also an inventor and successful entrepreneur. He is the inventor of, where he “takes the anger out of hanger”, Blink Hangers are a product that makes it so easy for everyone to fill their homes with art, without the hassle of figuring out how to hang it straight, because the Blink Hangers does it for you!

Listen in as we discuss what Jodie loves about the creative process, what it was like for him to take his idea to creation and then distribution and selling out on the Home Shopping Network, advice for sticking with a dream, and he also tells the story of the piece of art he just can’t part with (see my IG @DrColleenMullen for the pic).

All listeners of The Coaching Through Chaos Podcast will receive a 25% discount on a 24 pack of Blink Hangers when you use the code: Chaos at checkout at

Check out Jodie’s art on Instagram @RoyakStudio

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