May 2018, I got a call that changed my life.  In one phone call, I knew when I left my home in San Diego to go to New York, I would return and my mother will have died and I will ave inherited my disabled sister.  This is the first episode in over 18 months. This will be a series of 3 to tell this story of love, loss and how we are managing the chaos we are finding in this new life situation.  This is a very personal series – not the norm for this show.  After the New York Story, My Cross Country Journey and The Suzy Chronicles episodes, the show will return on a monthly basis to what you know from Coaching Through Chaos-  Lost of tips, trick and experts to help you conquer the chaos in your life.  But first, I thought I owed it to my listeners to explain my absence.  

Thanks for sticking with me! 

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