Who wants to talk abotu estate planning or leaving your legacy to your family? Not me! I want to live forever. Well, unfortunately, so did my parents, but I have no experienced both of them passing on with absolutely nothing planned for as far as their estates go. What a complicated experience, with a lot of complicated emotions! 

When I discovered Leslie Quinsay’s booke, Legacy: A Guide to Successfully Transferring Wealth from One Generation to the Next,  I wish I had an opportunity to implement her guide with my parents. EVen though I missed my chance, I don’t want you too – and if you’ve been avoiding discussing and writing down your plan for what to do about your business and other assets should something happen to you, this is your que to get on it! 

In this episode you will hear:

  1. Leslie’s personal story of how she almost lost her father- and how that health scare, forced her to explore what her father’s intention was in regards to handing down the family business. 
  2.  Lesli’s  “Legacy” formula for how to open and continue the discussions around estate planning. 
  3. What Leslie means when she says estate planning is a team sport. 
  4. What advice Leslie gives for families where conflict arises around the estate planning  (What if you don’t want to take over the family business?).
  5. The One Ting to remember to stay motivated to get the estate planning completed. 

You can find her book on her website or on the Coaching Through Chaos Podcast Bookshelf on Amazon (#commissionsearned). 



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