Part 3 of 3. This is a conversation with my sister Suzy, who came to live with me in in 2018 after our mother died suddenly. We take you into our very personal journey. We end up fighting the system for what is right when it comes to her care and medical benefits. Some fights are not over yet. You also get a look into the life of someone who lived many years very socially isolated with intellect limitations and what happens when they are given love and care and connection to others.This episode is a love letter to my sister. My life changed when I inherited her, but not nearly as much as her life changed. I admire her so much and wanted to have a permanent place where we would have this record of our lives.

This is not the norm for my show, but we will return every month now with all the great guest, tips and tricks for conquering the chaos in yoru life you’ve come to expect from the Coaching Through Chaos Podcast. In the meantime, I hope our journey inspires those who are feeling let down or failed by our social services system, or those who are going through grief or just need a story of hope.

No chaos can’t be conquered!

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