Robert Delude is the host of the None of Your Business Podcast, where he talks to his entrepreneurial guests about anything but their business (you can check out an earful I gave him about my own personal struggles and successes in an upcoming episode), but today, I flip the script on him to get him to talk about why he is so focused on helping others climb out of dark places in life. He shares his story of a chaotic childhood where he didn’t think he fit in.  It was only when he first got high at 12 yrs old that he felt better.  This need to detach from his insecurities became a need to get high.  This quickly turned into a decade of selling drugs, toxic relationships and hiding his true self from anyone he knew. 

It was only when an older friend who got recovery took him under his wing was he really able to stay on a path through recovery. He is now forging ahead, feeling more confident, working on himself, fleeing from people who tap into his codependency or ignite his self-sabotaging.  

His story isn’t finished, but it’s an inspiration as to what can happen and how good life can be when you start to fight the dark emotions, keep sticking with what you know works, and allow others to care about you. 

You can hear Robert bring other people’s stories of success to life on the None of Your Business Podcast on Apple Podcasts and anywhere else you love to listen! 


You can find Robert on the socials:

IG: NoneofYourBusinessPodcast

Facebook: RobertCDeLude


If you happen to be struggling with addiction, here are a couple of FREE  nationwide resources:

Alcoholics Anonymous 

Narcotics Anonymous

Smart Recovery

The Salvation Army Adult Rehabilitation Services

or Call 211 in your area to find local resources – rehabs, therapists, free groups and other outreach services.  If you’re struggling, help is available. 


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